07/26/13 : No Gravity now available on OUYA Store
02/21/13 : No Gravity for Windows Phone 8 released on the Windows Phone Store
01/23/13 : No Gravity for Windows 8/RT released on the Windows Store
03/24/11 : No Gravity for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad released on the iTunes App Store. Also available on Google Play.
01/24/11 : Macworld 2011: No Gravity for the Mac released on the Mac App Store.
01/16/11 : New facebook page. No Gravity will be released on the Mac App Store.
03/24/10 : No Gravity: The Plague of Mind soundtrack released on iTunes Music Store.
07/25/08 : No Gravity 'portal' opened. New trailer available.
07/14/08 : E3 2008 preview released. Entirely new game revealed. New publisher Anozor.
07/11/07 : E3 2007 teaser released.
03/02/07:  No Gravity for PSP demo released.
02/15/06 : No Gravity 'Classic' version released (2.0)
02/13/05 : No Gravity 'Classic' version available on SF.net